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Tech Dealing (Alternate) Empty Tech Dealing (Alternate)

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This was contributed to us by CSN.

The best way to grow your new, young nation is through tech deals. Really, it is a must. If you’re not doing tech deals the entire span of your nation then you’re wasting your aid slots. As a small nation, you must sell tech. It is incredibly profitable compared to any other thing you will find to grow your nation.

Q. How do I sell tech?

A. It’s simple. A big nation will send you $3 million dollars, through the games Foreign Aid System. You accept that aid. Then, you wait. You can only do a deal with the same nation once every 10 days. So, when that 10 days is up, you send them 50 tech. Then, if the deal is a 3/100 ($3 million, for 100 tech), which it most likely is, you send another 50 tech in 10 more days.

So yeah, the deal takes 30 days, but you make a very nice profit. It’s worth it, and it helps our alliance grow because tech is very important for big nations.

Q. Why can’t big nations buy tech through the tech buying screen?

A. The more tech you have, the more expensive it is to buy from the game. Not only is the 3/100 tech deal profitable for you, but also for the big nations. Right now for me, I have 4,000 tech. To buy 50 tech it would be $22 million. I’d much rather take the 100 for $3 million.

Q. How long should I sell tech?

A. It depends on your infrastructure. You should sell tech until you have at least 2999.99 infrastructure. Once you hit 3999.99 infrastructure you must buy tech. Like, it’s a must. If you don’t start buying tech at 3999.99 infrastructure you are fail and deserve to be kicked in the face.

Q. How many tech deals can I be in at one time?

A. Starting out, your nation has four Foreign Aid slots. That means you can be in four tech deals. Not too long after you start your nation, you will be purchasing the Foreign Ministry improvement. This gives you another aid slot, for a total of five. Once you get bigger (more in a tech buying range, usually) you can buy a Disaster Relief Agency. That’s yet another aid slot, for a grand total of six.

Q. I have tech due to several nations on the same day! How do I give them all their tech on time?

A. This is simple still. You have 50 tech due to, let’s say two nations on the same day. You send Foreign Aid offers to both nations offering 50 tech to both of them. You do not buy 100 tech at the same time. You buy 50 and keep it at 50. When one nation signs on and accepts the aid, you just sign on and buy back 50 tech so the other nation can accept his tech.

Tech selling tips

• Never buy more than 50 tech. Not while you are selling, it’s a total waste of money. You buy up to 50 tech as soon as a tech buyer sends the money. Then you never go over it. It’s that simple. If you’re over 50 tech figure out a way to get back to an even number and get to 50. When selling be at 50 or 0. Do that and you'll save money.

• Your slots should always be full selling tech. If they aren’t, yell at the current Government members. Make them find you people to buy tech from you.

• If you keep full slots at all times, your nation will grow very fast. It really is the best way to grow your nation.

• The cheapest way to buy tech is: 4.5, 10, 10, 5, 10, 10, .5. So don't just go buy 10 at a time to get to 50, buy it in that order. It saves you plenty. (Contributed by Corps.)\

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