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Post  Guest on Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:05 pm

Tech Deals are the main source of income in Cyber Nations and you should know how to tech deal. What happens is this: Tech grows more expensive the more tech that you buy. Tech is good for your military and NS so people buy tech. Tech buyers don't want to keep paying more and more money for their tech though, so they buy tech from smaller nations for a smaller price. A tech deal is when a tech buyer buys tech for less money from a tech seller. Tech sellers are smaller nations because they can buy the tech in small implements of 50 and get 3 million dollars from the buyers. The whole system works through the foreign aid system. What happens is the following:

Day 1: Tech buyer sends seller 3 million dollars. The seller than uses the money to buy infra, or keep it in reserves, while still keeping enough for buying tech.

Day 2-10: Wait for the shipment of 3 million to expire

Day 11: Send 50 tech to tech buyer in turn for their shipment to you of 3 million ten days earlier.

Day 12-20: Wait for tech shipment to expire.

Day 21: If it is a 3mill/100 tech deal than you will send the second shipment of 100 tech on this day to the buyer. The game only allows you to send 50 tech at a time, so that is why you would be sending it for another 10 days.

Day 22-30: Wait for tech to expire

Day 31: Receive new tech deal (process begins again)

When you have a harbor you get a 5th foreign aid slot so you can have 5 tech deals going on at the same time. So basically, if you get 5 tech buyers you will get 15 million dollars on day 1, and depending on whether or not it's a 3/50 or 3/100 you will keep a portion of it.


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