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Pax Romana Charter

Post  emperor666 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:57 pm

Pax Romana Charter


Pax Romana is hereby defined by this Charter as an alliance that values Honor, Courage, and Prosperity for all. We will grow and we will promote the growth of our allies and our allies allies.

Article I: Government

The Government of Pax Romana is defined as an Absolute Monarchy lead by an Emperor Who appoints all other leaders in the Government. Under the Emperor there is the High Magister and under the High Magister there is the Magisters of Defense, Finance, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs.

section 1: Roles of Government

Subsection 1: The Emperor

The Emperor is the highest head leader of Pax Romana and has any power not restricted by this charter. There will only be one Emperor at any given time. The Emperor sets the goals for the whole alliance and helps it to achieve those goals. The Emperor also deals with problems that pertain to the whole alliance or to multiple departments. If the Emperor were to leave Cybernations or not be on the Forums for ten days straight (without informing the alliance before) then the High Magister will be appointed Emperor.

Subsection 2: High Magister

The High Magister is the second in command and is appointed by the Emperor. The High Magister should be just as active or more active than the Emperor because The High Magister is responsible for Problems that need to be resolved immediately when the Emperor is offline.

Subsection 3: Magister of Defense

The Magister of Defense controls the army and tries to promote peace. The Magister of Defense is appointed by the Emperor, and will only declare war if the Emperor approves.

Subsection 4: Magister of Finance

The Magister of Finance controls finances by administering tech deals, setting up trades and keeping a list of good tech sellers. The Magister of Finance is appointed by the Emperor.

Subsection 5: Magister of Internal Affairs

The Magister of Internal Affairs controls internal affairs by making sure that everyone is following the rules and not being a treat to the alliance. The Magister of Internal Affairs is appointed by the Emperor.

Subsection 6: Magister of Foreign Affairs

The Magister of Foreign Affairs controls all foreign relations and should try to keep friendly relations. The Magister of Foreign Affairs is appointed by the Emperor

This is all we have as of now i will add on later but it is active

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