The Apparatus Treaties

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The Apparatus Treaties

Post  MadMax on Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:04 pm

The Aftermath Bloc Alliances, share a SMDaAP [Supreme Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.]

We have bonded together to continue Mother Digiterra’s righteousness and to ensure that her integrity is enforced. We the undersigned alliances, the Powers of Digiterra, hereby reaffirm our faith in the fundamental rights, dignity, and sovereignty of all entities that seek balance in the world, and in each other. We have joined arms in the true spirit of supreme friendship, understanding our legacy is our unity.

Apparatus, CCC, CRAP, MCXA, NADC, TTK, And a DMA with Pax Corvus.

The Apparatus And Pax Corvus share a DMA [Duel Membership Agreement]

Dual-Membership Agreement or Dual-Membership Treaty (often referred to as DMA or DMT) are types of inter-alliance treaties wherein the signatory alliances agree to allow each other’s members to have similar privileges and accesses to those that they give to their own members. These treaties are usually only between very close alliances, and many times only allow for the dual-membership of alliance government as opposed to all members.

DMTs are usually built into special MDoAPs or MADPs, they may also be present in small or close knit blocs.

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