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I did not think they would be so popular to foreigners...

Yundalwoffen are creatures that appear in Lantischka folklore. "Yundalwoffen" is a compund word of "Yundal" a word meaning darkness and often implies danger, and "Woffen" which means "Living thing", so Yundalwoffen could mean "Darkness person" or "Darkness that is alive." They are similar to shadow people, only they are not always humanoid. Black, phantom like figures that wander about in the darkness at night, they are said to avoid light. They usually stay in a small area, never travelling very far. They do not like being outside, but rather inside a large building or structure , like a school or factory, and prefer areas they can be sure will remain dark throughout the night. Yundalwoffen will ignore any humans they encounter, but small amounts of light, like that of a torch's beam, can make them react in different ways. A large enough light, such as broad daylight or turning on a room's lighting will make them disappear. There are four different kinds of Yundalwoffen:
A small, slow one. Can be found around large machinery or in mechanical areas. Very humanoid, toddler-like. Passive.
A larger, slow one. Can be found around more domestic areas, like apartments, malls, etc. Very humanoid, often with legs or arms that apear to be broken. Violent.
A big, faster one. Can be found around areas where children would play during the day. Less humanoid, like large blob. Violent.
A larger, faster one. Can be found around areas that were crowded during the day, but empty at night. Very humanoid, tall with long arms that appear sharp and jagged at the ends. Violent.

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